T h e G r i m - L i n k e r -- P r e s e n t e d     b y     C h r i s     P e l p h r e y.    
This project enables administrators to have a centralized interface for many remote functions.
It also allows administrators to link together scripts in diverse locations and run them in any
order at runtime without the need to write additional code.
Most of the time there is no need to change code in your batch files, vbscripts, installation files, etc....
Project Sources and Executables uploaded.
Working on Documentation the weekend of May 19th 2007.
Plan to have video tutorial up by Sunday evening ;-)

Downloads Page

The video is up. The audio is a little off, and the file is large. I will redo this as time allows, but the content is good. I recommend trying the flash version first. It will take several minutes to buffer.
Video Tutorial on how to script The Grim Linker Flash
Video Tutorial on how to script The Grim Linker AVI
This file is a 300MB avi file. It can take an hour or more to download.

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